The most common question we are asked by people, whether it be by email or telephone is; "Do you do ....."

Most of the time our answer is 'Yes We Do' as the purpose of our company is to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of services.

To help simplify things a little further, we have provided a summarized listing of the various types of work we will undertake and have defined them in the ways that our customers generally refer to them.  Hopefully this will be of assistance.

Hartman Renovation Specialists is a Government Registered BC Corporation #  BC0922060
  Fully Insured & Bonded. WCB Registered. Fully Licensed.
Specialist Services Include:

Property inspections and reporting services
Remedial fault and internal environment issues source detection ( Mold, Fungus Etc )
Timber treatments and the prevention of rot, mold, mildew, decay, fungus etc.
Treatments for lateral and penetrating dampness and water ingress.
Real Estate Services, odor elimination, face lifts, yard clear, curb appeal etc.
Property and Interior design services, plans, layouts, visualizations, conceptuals etc.

General Residential & Commercial Services Include: