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We are regularly asked to design or replicate various ornamental structures, such as bridges for golf courses and ornamental gardens, all types of customized timber and/or stone structures including the installation of statues, plaques, display features and attractions.  Here are some examples.

Proud to Serve The Lower Mainland
We can design, construct and install almost all types of ornamental and structural bridge to suit any , to suit any type of outdoor environment, from gardens, to public parks, golf courses or whatever.  From small decorative traditional and Japanese garden bridges in timber or stone, to complete structural bridges that can take an automobile and pedestrian traffic.  We design to suit your own needs.
Timber bridge for over pool area
Painted bridge for over creek
Transcending bridge for ornamental garden
Garden Covered Bridge
Structural stone & Steel bridge for over river
Structural stone ornamental Chinese bridge
Structural cross walk for over roadway
Structural covered bridge for ravine crossing
Structural covered road bridge in winter
Cedar pedestrian bridge in public park gardens
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